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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

May 22, 2019

Take care of mushrooms, can be deadly mushrooms with yellow and black spots

Take care of mushrooms, can be deadly mushrooms with yellow and black spots

Mushrooms seem to be healthy and tasty, but sometimes they can be deadly. Identify these methods with bad mushrooms and why it is dangerous to eat certain Mushrooms.

Mushroom is very beneficial for health. In addition to making vegetables, mushroom is nowadays also used in fast foods such as pizza, burger, sandwich, noodles, etc. Dieticians also recommend eating mushrooms due to the abundance of nutritious properties of many types. But do you know that many times the use of mushroom can be deadly? Yes, there are many species of mushroom that are deadly. Apart from this, poorly stored mushrooms, which have yellow and black spots stored for several days, can be dangerous for your health. Let us tell you what things you should take care of when choosing mushrooms.

Yellow and dark spots dangerous on mushrooms

Mushrooms sold in the open market are often stale. Small traders do not have enough resources to store these, so black-yellow or brown spots appear on mushrooms in 2-3 days. Apart from this, many times a mushroom gets fungus, which the trader cleanses cleanly and cleanses. But eating such mushrooms can lead to food poisoning.

How to Identify Bad Mushrooms?

Usually, mostly white button mushrooms (whose umbrella is white and round) are consumed in India. Try that you always buy mushrooms from a good store or grocery shop. Many species of mushroom are deadly. In the open market, mushrooms found in the open can be of several species, which are considered dangerous.
Wild mushrooms, which the common people call the Kukurmutta (whose umbrella is flattered), should not be consumed. There are many harmful substances found in it.

At times mushrooms appear like black spots or black powder, do not eat such mushrooms.
Be sure to check the top of the mushroom (umbrella). Small stains on this may be a sign that mushrooms have worn out.
If the mushrooms are smelling, do not use them.
If mushrooms have shrunk and are looking younger than their actual size, then do not eat them at all.

What are the symptoms of eating bad mushrooms?

Typically eating a few days old or shrinking mushrooms is dangerous for food poisoning. Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and diarrhea can be seen when food poisoning occurs. Apart from this, you may also see vomiting, dizziness, breathlessness and severe headache symptoms when eating mushrooms and mushrooms of the wrong species. If these symptoms appear, contact the doctor at the earliest as these symptoms may appear multiple times as deadly.
May 22, 2019

Change these food related habits to stay healthy

Change these food related habits to stay healthy

Health is good only when food is healthy and eating habits are also healthy, let us tell you about habits that need to be changed.

Instead of bad eating habits

Change your eating habits to stay healthy. There may be many such mistakes in catering, which are harmful to health. Low cholesterol and low sodium is good for health. That is why you learn to eat nutritionally rich food, except for fried food.

Fiber is essential

Non-consumption of fibrous substances in food is also considered to be bad habits in terms of diet. So instead of bread, biscuits etc., instead of replacing roti and oatmeal, vegetables soup - instead of raw salad and fruit juices - take full fruit. Add all these things to your diet gradually so that bad habits can be changed.

Habit of sugar and salt

If you think that you are addicted to sugar or salt, use sugar free candies, salt-free seasons and diet soda. But these are not even more helpful and they increase your weight. According to nutritionists there are empty calories in the sugar and there is no essential nutrient. Drink coconut water in place of Diet Cola which contains zero calories and potassium is found in abundance. Sodium contains 97% to 99% of sodium chloride. Sodium consumption in such a high amount can cause bloating.

Eat at home

Do you enjoy eating outdoors instead of at home? Experts believe that we should avoid eating outdoors. It has a bad effect on our health. Cooking in the house is not only clean but also nutritious. Nowadays, the trend of eating out fast in big cities has increased. Those who eat out of food because of compulsion, they should eat one out of the food once or twice a week. The good sense of good health is, the home food.

Do not Buy Vegetable Together

Is it also with you that you take the purchase of the week together in advance? Keep fruits and vegetables throughout the week in the refrigerator. Keeping the vegetables and fruits together in a refrigerator can destroy their nutritious ingredients. To maintain nutrition in fruits and vegetables, it is necessary that you buy them in small amounts, refresh them.
May 22, 2019

These are ten evils for the brain

These are ten evils for the brain

There are also some diets which consume less brain activity, due to over consumption of these diets, there is an impact on the ability to think and understand, and even memory can go.

Be healthy brain

Whatever we eat, it also affects the brain, some diets activate our brain, but there are some foods which reduce the efficiency of the brain. These foods not only weaken the memory but may also be responsible for the diseases associated with the brain. Therefore, to keep the mind healthy, avoid eating these diets should be avoided.

Soft drink

Consumption of soft drinks is not right for your brain. The fructose found in it not only reduces the efficiency of the brain, but also can consume more than its intake. The ability to memorize due to high fructose found in soft drink ends slowly. So do not drink soft drinks to keep the brain healthy.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar and Sugar Diet is not good for the brain. Fructose is found in candy, cakes, desserts etc. By eating it, not only does the shape of the body worsen, but the brain also weakens. More sugar intake affects the ability to learn logical ability and learning new things. So avoid the sugar.

Salt is harmful

Consumption of salt is also harmful for the heart with the heart. Sodium is found in salt, which affects the intellectual capacity. By eating more salt, blood pressure increases, due to this there is restlessness. This affects the ability to think and understand. So avoid using excessive salt.


The more fried diet increases the weight as well as weakens your brain. If you eat more fried foods like Samosas, Kachoda etc. it is not good for your brain. These nourishes gradually destroy the nerve cells, and make the brain weak.

Trans fat

Trans Fat is responsible for many diseases. Due to this, problems like obesity, heart diseases, and cholesterol progression begin to occur. Apart from this, it causes wrinkle in the brain. Those who have trans fats may have Alzheimer's, which leads to a significant decrease in their memory and logical capacity.

Junk Food

Fastfood and junkfood are also bad for the brain with diseases. The structure of chemicals present in the brain changes with fastfood and junkfood. Apart from this, symptoms associated with anxiety and depression begin. This diet reduces the production of dopamine (it is a type of hormone that helps increase the concentration).

Processed protein no

Proteins are very important for the development of our body muscles. But avoiding eating processed protein such - hot dough, sausage and so on. Because the proteins contained in it are harmful for the nervous system (nervous system). Consumption of meat, salmon, lentils and almonds for the sake of normal protein is more beneficial.


Regular consumption of three cuff coffee is considered beneficial, but drinking coffee over it affects the brain. By caffeine absorbing the body very quickly, the brain activates the brain, but if more caffeine is consumed it can damage the brain. It reduces the logical capacity and also makes the yadasta weak.

Artificial sweetener

Artificial sweetener contains toxic substances that are not suitable for the brain. Due to these, cerebral complications begin to occur. Therefore use nutritious sweetener in their place.


More consumption of tofu is not good for the health of the brain. According to a study published in the journal Demetective and Geriatric Cognitive disorder in 2008, consumption of tofu may weaken the brain, especially after the age of 68, due to this, the empiricization may end. It increases the risk of dementia
May 22, 2019

These 10 diets make the brain faster by removing depression

These 10 diets make the brain faster by removing depression

Along with aging, many people's memory begins to weaken. If you have to face similar problems too. So by consuming some foods, you can correct your memory.

Diet for good memory

Along with aging, many people's memory begins to weaken. To find anything or to remember the work, they have to put emphasis on the mind. If you have to face similar problems too. So by consuming some food items you can repair your memory.


Almond is considered very useful for maintaining memory. Nutrients present in almonds such as proteins, manganese, copper and riboflavin etc. help in alleviating Alzheimer's and other cerebral diseases. Soak five almonds overnight. Morning wake up by consuming them in the morning.


Consumption of fish for non-vegetarian people is considered to be very good for the brain. Due to the abundance of omega-3 fatty acids in fish, it is also called brain food. Fish are very beneficial in memory and concentration.


Jamun is also full of qualities, it has the full potential to accelerate your memory. Fitochemicals like anthocyanins and phacetin, in it, increase your memory. This helps you to remember your past.


The egg also plays an important role in maintaining memory and improving memory. Especially the yellow part is very beneficial for the brain. It contains vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids, which keeps your brain fixed. Apart from this, lecithin and selenium etc. are also found in the eggs that increase your brain's efficiency.

Dark chocolate

Memory with dark chocolate also keeps improving and brain efficiency increases. Dark chocolate contains abundant amounts of antioxidants, which keep blood in the brain proper. According to a report published in the American Academy of Neurology Journal, eating dark chocolate helps in keeping the brain right in the growing age. But it should be eaten in a limited amount so that your weight does not increase.


Parents are considered to be the best diet to maintain memory. Vitamin B9 is found in abundance in the spinach, which is also known as folate or folic acid. Due to the lack of this vitamin, brain disorders begin to develop. Apart from this, abundant quantities of essential and beneficial omega-3 fatty acids for the brain are in the spinach. By consuming it increases your memory, reasoning ability and concentration.

Olive oil

Olive oil has a substantial amount of monosurated fat, which increases the activation of blood vessels. Memory increases actively in the blood veins. So change your cooking oil and start cooking in olive oil.

Sunflower seeds

The adequate amount of vitamin E and C is beneficial for concentration and memory power. Seeds with sunflower seeds are good sources of vitamin E. Dry-dried one ounces of sunflower seeds are recommended to be around 30 percent of the daily consumption. Sprinkle it on your salad and eat it to boost your brain.


Nuts look the same as the brain. According to research, the nut helps in the formation of more than three dozen neuron transmitters. It is very important for the brain process. Along with the nut, antioxidants and vitamin E are found in abundance. Antioxidants prevent diseases by preventing the destruction of natural chemicals present in the body. It contains high amounts of protein. The memory of daily walnuts increases memory.


Avocado is a rich source of antioxidant vitamin E. According to a research done by Morris and his colleagues, foods rich in Vitamin E, including avocado, also have a powerhouse of antioxidant vitamin C. Help to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's.
May 22, 2019

Weight loss by fast food diet

Weight loss by fast food diet

If you like fast food and want to reduce weight then fast food diet is right for you. It may sound strange in hearing but a major cardiologist believes that fast food diet is possible to lose weight.

Most of us like to eat at the restaurant or hotel, but we are also worried about this as we do not lose weight. If you like fast food and want to reduce weight then fast food diet is right for you. It may sound strange in hearing but a major cardiologist believes that fast food diet is possible to lose weight. All you need to do is choose your food wisely from the menu and exercise regularly.

A fast food diet guide is a six-week guide that guides you from the fast food restaurant menu that you can choose from which of breakfast or lunch or dinner, which is beneficial to health. In this guide, there are some tips on which you can choose health food from food malls, restaurants, airports, or other convenient stores. Fast food diet is very good for people who want to eat delicious food according to their convenience, but want to eat well enough to eat, so that they can lose weight.

What can you eat in a fast food diet ?

If you are taking fast food diet you can also grilled chicken sandwiches, cooked potatoes, and even you can get a junior burger. But avoid eating French fries because the French fries contains unhealthy trans fat and is not allowed to eat unhealthy trans fat from fried foods. In the same way, avoid eating foods that contain excessive caloric intake or have excess fat (fats) such as paneer, mayonnaise, specialty chutney, soda etc. In this way you can also enjoy fast food diet and your calorie intake will continue. Fast food diets also have some simple and nutritious dishes that can be prepared in 15 minutes.

How Fast Food Diet Works

During the fast food diet, you will consume a total of 1500 calories per day, with food and various types of drinks. But exercise is the most important. You must walk 1 mile daily when you are working on a fast food diet. If you keep on exercising regularly and keep practicing what is said in a fast food diet, you can lose 50 pounds in a year. And most importantly, your stomach will always be full and you will not want to eat your favorite food.

What do the experts say?

According to experts, fast food diet is not such that you reduce your diet completely. All you have to do is to pick at least the food so that you can also get calories as per your requirement and there will be no nutrient deficiency. Avoid eating foods that contain excess fat and calories, as well as avoid using soda and sweet drinks. Walking is considered to be a very addictive exercise for the body, which reduces the weight, so run on a daily basis or even more. Many foods come under the fast food diet. You do not have to eat all of them, but to choose according to your needs. So do not eat all of the food items in the fast food restaurant that are in the menu.

But if you want to stay away from eating a fast food restaurant all day long, then you will not get the fruits, proteins, vegetables, fiber etc. which is necessary during fast food diet or else there is a lack of nutrients in your body. will go. So while you are following a fast food diet, make sure you are getting enough fruits, salads, vegetables, fiber, protein and whole grains. And to make sure you get a balanced amount of nutrients for a certain period.
May 22, 2019

Do not eat too much these healthy foods

Do not eat too much these healthy foods

Experts believe that excessive consumption of some nutritious foods can be very dangerous. So do not eat too much Healthy Foods too.

Do not take too much Healthy Foods

You may know that eating a full box of cookies at once can be detrimental to health. But do you find that experts believe that excessive consumption of some nutritious foods can be equally dangerous. But that does not mean that you remove these foods from your diet, just do not consume them. Because their consumption can be harmful to health.

Oranges and tomatoes

According to Gene Sam, the director of Mount Sinai Gastrointestinal Motility Center in Mount Sinai Hospital, you should avoid excessive consumption of these delicious things such as oranges and tomatoes because they are highly acidic. And their intake may cause reflux problems. By taking longer, they may also have Barrett's Esophagus disorder. According to Sam, if you already have symptoms of Rifles, it is enough to take two or two servings of orange or tomatoes a day.

Canned tuna fish

This easy-to-eat, low-calorie fish is ideal for a healthy salad or sandwich. However, excessive intake of the mercury levels can increase alarmingly. Because tuna has higher mercury than other fishes. High intake of mercury can cause problems in vision problems, hearing and speech, lack of coordination and weakness in muscles. According to Sam, make sure you do not consume more than three tubs of tuna in one week. Try to reduce the use of low-fat fishes such as salmon, shrimp and polka.


Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for health in many ways, but do not eat too much. If you forcefully drink too much water then you may have water intestation. Because the water lightens your sodium level. It can be fatal and in some serious cases the brain function can worsen.


Garlic is a superfood, which has many health benefits. But eating too much garlic can lead to many health risks, such as headache, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, blood thinning and severe bleeding etc. The amount of intake in the right amount is different for different individuals, but a healthy person should not eat more than four buds of garlic in the day.


Where another soy is a healthy diet, and by eating it in balanced quantities, it helps to reduce your cholesterol; excessive consumption of it can cause health problems, such as blocking the absorption of iron, or endometrial hyperplasia. (Endometrial hyperplasia is a hole in the uterine lining). Only one serving of soya should be taken in one day.


The consumption of boiled or cooked spinach is fine, but eating too much raw spinach can cause kidney stones or arthritis formation. Take people who already have calcium oxalate kidney stones, should avoid eating spinach in particular.

Brazil nuts

This crisp breakfast is a great source of protein, fiber, essential fatty acids and selenium. Along with nutrition, serum cholesterol and blood pressure decrease. But, even then you should not eat them too much, because it contains selenium and nutrients can also be highly toxic.
May 22, 2019

If Heartburn is Complaining then Apple's intake

If Heartburn is Complaining then Apple's intake

The problem of heartburn arises due to the acid formed in the stomach. But the question is, what to do to avoid this? Take the opinion of diet experts, the best treatment apple to avoid Heartburn is apple.

Chest irritation. Throat irritation Indigestion. Mind of vomiting All of these are signs of Heartburn. In the medical world, it is known as Gastroesophageal Reflex Disease (GERD). Although Heartburn is not related to the heart. But the trouble caused by this is not less in any sense. Actually the problem of heartburn is due to the acid formed in the stomach. The question is, what to do to avoid this? Take the opinion of diet experts, the best treatment name is to avoid heartburn, apple.

Eat apples in Heartburn

Before we look at the benefits of apples, let us know why acid is made in the stomach and why do we have complaints like throat irritation or burning in the stomach? Actually, this problem is related to food. If we eat too much then a valve becomes between the stomach and isophiles. This valve pushes the acid formed in the stomach to the esophagees. This leads to feeling chest pain and pain. To avoid this problem, health experts recommend that you eat a little more than once instead of eating more.

However, as mentioned in the beginning, with the consumption of apples, we can survive chest burns. Anyway apples are said to eat an apple everyday, take away the doctor. There are innumerable properties hidden in apple It is not only helpful in calming the burning sensation in the chest, but Parkinson, Alzheimer's is also effective in diseases. Well! Fiber in apple is found in abundance. If you have eaten more food, you can reduce it by consuming apple. Fibers present in apples help to digest food. Experts believe that apple is helpful in fixing constipation.

An apple daily

If you have to eradicate the problem of chest burning, then apply the habit of an apple daily. Actually apple affects our immune system too. Red apple contains antioxidant called quercetin which helps in keeping the immune system strong. This means that if you ate a little more than accidentally, there will be no complaints like indigestion or burning sensation.

Apple food is not only necessary to avoid irritation in the chest. Health experts also recommend eating apples so that we can be filled with energy. It would not be wrong to say that it is the best source of energy. Apple is a fruit that is recommended for eating before work-out. This enhances the functionality. Actually it supplies oxygen to the lungs. However, this is a digression.

Eating apples not only relieves chest irritation, but can also get rid of such problems permanently. It is not that eating more than just eating more is heartburn. It is a problem related to stomach. Therefore, not only eating more, but also by eating food, eating this trichuna also causes this problem to start. Therefore, to avoid your heartburn, pay attention to your lifestyle too. But also eat apples regularly.
May 22, 2019

Measures to reduce the risk of cancer

Measures to reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer is dangerous disease. If you take care of certain things during your life, then the risk of cancer can be avoided. To reduce the risk of cancer, it is important to know about its remedies.

Cancer is the most dangerous disease. It is a disease spreading rapidly in body cells. It is possible to treat cancer early in the stage. If it reaches the second stage, its treatment is difficult. Cancer spreading to tissues of damaged cells can also be proven deadly.

Cancer information is the only defense of this disease. Through this article we are telling you some solutions to reduce the risk of cancer. Through these measures you can lead a life without illness even after aging.

Avoid Tobacco Use

Those who take tobacco are more prone to cancer. Smokers are suspected to have many types of cancer like lung cancer, bladder cancer, womb cancers and kidney cancer. If you consume gutkha, then cancer may occur in the mouth and in the digestive gland. If you do not smoke, but keep in touch with smokers, then there is a danger of cancer in your lungs. Therefore, tobacco consumption should be avoided. If you are unable to leave gutkha or cigarette, you can contact the doctor for this.

Eat nutritious food

Eat nutritious food in the food. If you go to buy groceries at the grocery store then decide things as you think. Buy things out there that meet the nutritional needs of your body. Add fruit and green vegetables to the food. Consumption of wheat and beans also reduces the risk of cancer. Eat foods that are low in fat. High fat content contains high calorie intake. Excessive calorie consumption can increase your weight. Obesity also keeps the risk of cancer.

Be physically active

Your weight is controlled while being physically active Losing weight also reduces the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer and kidney cancer. Try to exercise at least 150 minutes-that is, two and a half hours a week. If you want to stay healthy, add 30 minutes of daily exercise to your daily routine.

Protect against sun rays

Skin cancer is common cancer. The risk of UV radiation from the sun remains the risk of skin cancer. Avoid getting out of the morning from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this, the sun's rays have the most effect. Try out while standing on the shaded spot, as well as using sunglasses and hats. Wear loose clothing so that your skin can cover as much as possible. Do not wear dark-colored cloths in bright sunlight.

Reduce the intake of alcohol

High intake of alcohol also leads to cancer risk. If you want to avoid the possibility of cancer, reduce the intake of alcohol. If you take too much amounts of alcohol for a long time then you may have breast cancer, anal cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer.

Prevention from infections

Due to the misuse of some things, you are at risk of having an infection. There is a possibility of cancer being increased due to infections. Take a safe sex for example. Do not make physical contact with more people and use condoms while having sex. If you make physical connections to more people then you are at risk of becoming HIV positive. HIV-positive people have more complaints about anal cancer, vaginal cancer and throat cancer. Simultaneously do not use the once-used syringe.