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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Aloe vera turns away every problem of the eyes, know how?

Aloe vera turns away every problem of the eyes, know how?

Eye Styi is a type of infection in the eyes, in which there is a red color injury in the eyelid or lower part of the eye.

Often we ignore the gifts given by nature, but when these gifts are removed from us, we realize their pricelessness and we begin to repent. But by then it is very late. Yes, the eyes are also such a precious gift given by nature that we are delighted to observe the beauty of the world. Therefore, being aware of their safety and health should be our priority.

But sometimes the problems of the eye surround us. One such problem is Eye Sty. Actually, the styled eye is a type of infection in the eye, in which there appears to be a red pain on the eyelid or in the lower part of the eye. Although these styes are harmless, they may also cause itching or pain. That's why we are telling you some easy home remedies to get rid of I Sty

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a simple and effective home remedies for eye problems. It also improves the styling; Combining Aloe vera juice with honey and alderberry tea, washing the eyes twice a day with this additive, removes the problem of styling not only with eyes, but also the eyes are clean and beautiful Are. Triphala water is also very good for keeping eyes healthy and strong.

You can also keep eyes clean and disease free with normal help in normal days. To use it, clean the soiled soil or two teaspoon triphala powder in a steel vessel soaking in a glass of water at night, clean it with clean hands and clean it in clean cloth. Now, with this water, the eyes should be sprayed slowly, which should be nourished.

Coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are very effective for the treatment of stem. For treatment, first pour some seeds of coriander in the water and boil. Now filter beads out of water and wash eyes with this water. Repeat this treatment several times a day, soon the problem of styling will be solved.

Rose water

Gulab Jal is good treatment for eye infection. In order to avoid infection or stereo 2 to 3 drops of rose water. In the eyes, the infection can be effectively cured within three days. Keeping the eyes clean, along with them, makes them tender-eyed and also removes their tiredness.

Garlic juice

Garlic juice contains antibacterial properties, which are helpful in removing eye stain. Apply fresh garlic juice on the strain for treatment, but keep in mind how even these juice can not go inside the eye. When dry, wash it with light-squeezed water. This will not only reduce the pain but also swelling.

Green tea bag

Green tea has many health benefits and it is also very effective in sty treatment. It is also beneficial for allergies in the eyes. To fix the eye styling, place a tiny tube in the stove and keep it until it cools. This will ease the pain soon, and swelling will decrease as well. Also boil it by adding two green tea in one cup of water, then keep it completely cold. Wash the eyes twice a day by mixing it until the problem is resolved.

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