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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Beneficial Fruits to Eat in Summer

Beneficial Fruits to Eat in Summer

There are different changes in each season.

And according to the weather the environment and the demands of our body also vary.

There are also some fruits in summer that bring benefits to our body.


Lychee starts to appear at the fruit shops as summer season comes. By eating leeches, our body gets cold. So eat the litchi if summer season comes.

Lychee contains citric acid, vitamins, tartaric acid and nutritious substances, which meet the lack of water and mineral salts in the body during the summer.

Protects against stomachache, bowel disease, constipation, weakness, and heat.


Mango is called King of Fruit.

In the summer season, when the test of the mouth gets spoiled and the heat increases as our desire to eat decreases, sour so sweet changes our mouth taste.

In the fruits of mango, there are many mineral salts with manicium, potassium, magnesium and copper. Mango is considered a good source of betacarotin estradiol and quercetin. It has the property of eliminating free radicals in antioxidants. The best source of common vitamins A, C and B6 is.

Common free radicals prevent damage from cells like cardiovascular disease, cancer, premature aging, and degenerative diseases.


In the summer, tamarind chutney, made of tamarind, and tamarind mix sour sweet tasty mixer which does not get any food. Sour cream in the heat not only benefits the body but also makes the taste of mouth correct.

Raw and sour tamarind is aerogeneous, while the acidity is reduced by the cooked tamarind. Tamarind is hot-blooded, removing constipation and removing cough

Tamarlu is good for the heart. Simultaneously, tamarind protects against fatigue and confusion. Tamarind is biliary, and tamarind leaves have the ability to remove inflammation. Water from the tamarind does not have jaundice, plague, vomiting and heat fever. Tamarlu has the ability to get all kinds of intoxication.

Watermelon and melon

These fruits are the fruits found in the summer days, which helps keep the body cool in summer. They also complete the lack of water in the body.

Lycopene, oxidant and vitamin A are found in watermelon.

Watermelon protects against heart cancer, diabetes, depression, brain tension and stomach disorders.

Melon antioxidant is a good source of vitamin C. It contains organic pigment keratinide, adenosine salt anticoagulants as well as vitamins A, B and sodium.

Melon prevents heart and cancer from the disease.


Cucumber also make the body cooler beneficial. By eating them, there is cooling effect in the heat. Cucumber protects against dehydration and also expands toxins from the body. Vitamin B is found in it.

In cucumber there is vitamin B, sugar, enzyme and electrolyte called fiber erepsin.

Cucumber protects against cholesterol, constipation, indigestion, ulcers and stomach ache.


Both coconut and coconut water are very beneficial and beneficial in the summer. Although coconut water does not taste in drinking but the heat reaches the benefit of your body.

Coconut protects you from insomnia, dandruff, diabetes, diabetes, bleeding from the nose, acne, memory loss, headache, stomach worms.

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