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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Change these food related habits to stay healthy

Change these food related habits to stay healthy

Health is good only when food is healthy and eating habits are also healthy, let us tell you about habits that need to be changed.

Instead of bad eating habits

Change your eating habits to stay healthy. There may be many such mistakes in catering, which are harmful to health. Low cholesterol and low sodium is good for health. That is why you learn to eat nutritionally rich food, except for fried food.

Fiber is essential

Non-consumption of fibrous substances in food is also considered to be bad habits in terms of diet. So instead of bread, biscuits etc., instead of replacing roti and oatmeal, vegetables soup - instead of raw salad and fruit juices - take full fruit. Add all these things to your diet gradually so that bad habits can be changed.

Habit of sugar and salt

If you think that you are addicted to sugar or salt, use sugar free candies, salt-free seasons and diet soda. But these are not even more helpful and they increase your weight. According to nutritionists there are empty calories in the sugar and there is no essential nutrient. Drink coconut water in place of Diet Cola which contains zero calories and potassium is found in abundance. Sodium contains 97% to 99% of sodium chloride. Sodium consumption in such a high amount can cause bloating.

Eat at home

Do you enjoy eating outdoors instead of at home? Experts believe that we should avoid eating outdoors. It has a bad effect on our health. Cooking in the house is not only clean but also nutritious. Nowadays, the trend of eating out fast in big cities has increased. Those who eat out of food because of compulsion, they should eat one out of the food once or twice a week. The good sense of good health is, the home food.

Do not Buy Vegetable Together

Is it also with you that you take the purchase of the week together in advance? Keep fruits and vegetables throughout the week in the refrigerator. Keeping the vegetables and fruits together in a refrigerator can destroy their nutritious ingredients. To maintain nutrition in fruits and vegetables, it is necessary that you buy them in small amounts, refresh them.

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