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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Do not eat too much these healthy foods

Do not eat too much these healthy foods

Experts believe that excessive consumption of some nutritious foods can be very dangerous. So do not eat too much Healthy Foods too.

Do not take too much Healthy Foods

You may know that eating a full box of cookies at once can be detrimental to health. But do you find that experts believe that excessive consumption of some nutritious foods can be equally dangerous. But that does not mean that you remove these foods from your diet, just do not consume them. Because their consumption can be harmful to health.

Oranges and tomatoes

According to Gene Sam, the director of Mount Sinai Gastrointestinal Motility Center in Mount Sinai Hospital, you should avoid excessive consumption of these delicious things such as oranges and tomatoes because they are highly acidic. And their intake may cause reflux problems. By taking longer, they may also have Barrett's Esophagus disorder. According to Sam, if you already have symptoms of Rifles, it is enough to take two or two servings of orange or tomatoes a day.

Canned tuna fish

This easy-to-eat, low-calorie fish is ideal for a healthy salad or sandwich. However, excessive intake of the mercury levels can increase alarmingly. Because tuna has higher mercury than other fishes. High intake of mercury can cause problems in vision problems, hearing and speech, lack of coordination and weakness in muscles. According to Sam, make sure you do not consume more than three tubs of tuna in one week. Try to reduce the use of low-fat fishes such as salmon, shrimp and polka.


Drinking plenty of water is beneficial for health in many ways, but do not eat too much. If you forcefully drink too much water then you may have water intestation. Because the water lightens your sodium level. It can be fatal and in some serious cases the brain function can worsen.


Garlic is a superfood, which has many health benefits. But eating too much garlic can lead to many health risks, such as headache, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, blood thinning and severe bleeding etc. The amount of intake in the right amount is different for different individuals, but a healthy person should not eat more than four buds of garlic in the day.


Where another soy is a healthy diet, and by eating it in balanced quantities, it helps to reduce your cholesterol; excessive consumption of it can cause health problems, such as blocking the absorption of iron, or endometrial hyperplasia. (Endometrial hyperplasia is a hole in the uterine lining). Only one serving of soya should be taken in one day.


The consumption of boiled or cooked spinach is fine, but eating too much raw spinach can cause kidney stones or arthritis formation. Take people who already have calcium oxalate kidney stones, should avoid eating spinach in particular.

Brazil nuts

This crisp breakfast is a great source of protein, fiber, essential fatty acids and selenium. Along with nutrition, serum cholesterol and blood pressure decrease. But, even then you should not eat them too much, because it contains selenium and nutrients can also be highly toxic.

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