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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Face: 12 secrets of beauty for perfect skin

Face: 12 secrets of beauty for perfect skin

Do you feel your skin tired and dull? Melarossa has developed 12 beauty tips for you, together with the dermatologist Dr. Patrizia Bonazzi of the Ancona hospital, to give your skin the nourishment and radiance it needs to return to shine.

If you want a perfect skin all year long don't give up these beauty gestures and get them into your daily face care routine!

Here's how to have perfect skin all year round

1 - Apply the eye area also on the lips

The lip contour is one of the most difficult areas to treat: contrary to what one thinks, the muscles of the face do not relax but shorten.

So, from 25 upwards, think about moisturizing the eye area and the lip area with the eye contour but, above all, keep smiling: better to have some wrinkles on the corners of the mouth than the brow furrowed!

2 - Check the view!

If you notice you don't see well, take an eye examination.

Spending whole days trying to read in front of the computer means opening the door to the first wrinkles.

3 - SPF 30 cream every day!

The acronym SPF (Sun Protector Factor) present on many creams, indicates the factor of protection from ultraviolet rays.

You prefer creams that have at least a 30 filter even in winter and apply them as a make-up base: in order to have perfect skin a real daily protection that guarantees health is fundamental.

4 - Relax the face

The face also contracts during sleep so, as soon as you get up, take the habit of smoothing the face and forehead, from the root of the nose to the temples and eyebrows.

Repeat this gesture of beauty whenever you can.

5 - Exfoliate once a week

The more years pass, the more the skin loses its radiance and the pores dilate, even more if they are blocked by sebum or make-up.

To remove dead cells it's vital to clean a minimum of once a week!

This routine is very important to clean the skin thoroughly, delay the appearance of fine lines and lighten the complexion.

6 - Avoid the yo-yo effect with weight

Going up and down with the weight hurts not only the health, but also the skin, especially that of the face that with the passing of the years is less elastic and risks being more easily marked!

7 - Hydrate

Drink at least 2 liters of water a day and remember to moisturize your skin daily with a serum and a good cream, useful for maintaining water in the epidermis and therefore elasticity.

A well-hydrated skin is a perfect skin that better resists external aggressions!

8 - Wear XXL glasses

The choice of stars to wear oversize sunglasses is a good habit to protect the eyes and skin from the sun, and to avoid wrinkling the forehead.

Do it yourself, you will reduce the appearance of many wrinkles on your face!

9 - Cleaning the skin every day

Dedicate to face cleansing at least 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening.

After removing make-up, don't forget to apply the tonic to your skin. Take advantage of these gestures to do a facial massage with small circular movements on the face to reactivate the circulation.

10 - Breathe

When you breathe, you usually use only 60% of your lung capacity.

So, five minutes every day, create deep inspirations and extremely slow expirations, along with your shoulders back.

This process helps you to oxygenate the cells and tissues, and therefore to have a more beautiful skin.

11 - Take alpha lipoic acid every day

400 times more powerful than vitamin E, alpha lipoic acid is essential for neutralizing free radicals, responsible for the restriction of collagen and elastin.

Not only that, it also stimulates the production of energy in cells that remain younger for a long time.

You can find it in small quantities in:

  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Peas
  • Rice bran
  • Brewer's yeast.

If you really don't like any of these foods, you can buy herbal alpha lipoic acid capsules.

12 - Get the spots off your face!

Once a year, ask a good dermatologist to start a series of treatments that can include, to eliminate facial blemishes, depending on the case:

  • use of specific acids
  • laser (like the pulsed dye)
  • dermobrasione.

You can also lighten them and prevent them with cosmetic products with advanced formulas that regulate the production of melatonin by counteracting discoloration, or pigmentation alterations.

With these treatments it will be easier for you to have perfect skin!

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