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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Heart may be ill with a bad habit of sleeping!

Heart may be ill with a bad habit of sleeping!

Those who complain of poor sleep during sleep are more at risk of heart disease, read this health news to learn about how sleep makes the heart weak.

The direct effect of our sleeping habits is on our health. If we take good sleep, then the whole body is healthy, but if we have a problem in sleep and due to this it is the victim of insomnia, it affects the health of the heart. A recent research suggests that due to poor sleep habits, the risk of heart disease increases.

This is revealed in the research conducted by Sungkunkuun University School of Medicine, Seoul. If you think of this research, they are healthy in comparison to those who take 7 hours of deep sleep every night. Chan von Kim, chief of this research, said, "half-in-sleep sleep is a common problem and there is a reason for poor health, due to this there may be many diseases like heart attack."

In this research 47,000 young people and middle class were given a sleepy questionnaire. After this, the hardness of the coronary arteries and the arteries of the arteries reached. Many people involved in the research found calcium in the coronary arteries. It is considered to be the starting point of coronary heart disease. Researchers found that 50 percent more calcium was detected in coronary arteries than those who took 5 hours of sleep, compared to 7 hours of sleep.

This research also found that 20 percent more coronary calcium was found compared to those who had a good sleeping complaint. Overall, there is the least chance of having pulse related diseases in those sleeping or those who sleep well for 7 hours. This study is published in the American Heart Association's Journal of Arteriosalerosis, Thrombosis and Vocational Biolology.

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