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Monday, 20 May 2019

If you are troubled by the problem of not sleeping till late night, then adopt these 4 easy steps

If you are troubled by the problem of not sleeping till late night, then adopt these 4 easy steps

Due to lack of early sleep in the night, you sleep late at night, so either you have to sleep for a long time or you do not lose your fatigue. This affects your health. We are telling you some tips that will get you to sleep immediately.

Some people do not sleep till late night. After this, they have trouble getting up in the morning. If you also strive to sleep and keep changing on the bed, do not worry. Chicista believes that this is due to insomnia (anesthesia) or ange (tension). However, nowadays many people are sleeping at night while being active on social media and mobile, due to which they do not get sleepy. We are telling you some tips, with the help of which you will sleep early at night and you will go to sleep immediately.

1. Set time for sleeping and turn off mobile

Most people do not sleep during the night because their sleep time is not fixed. If people do not sleep, people are busy with mobile, games, chatting etc., so that their brains are busy. To avoid this problem, it is most important that you set your time for sleeping and waking up like 10 o'clock at 11 o'clock. After this, switch off the mobile as soon as it is time to sleep or keep it away from yourself and concentrate on sleeping. You will soon be sleepy.

2. Note the thoughts that come to mind

If you do not sleep till late night, then exercise a little. Take a diary and pen and note every thought that comes to your mind. In a while you will feel that you have no ideas left. Then you put your full attention to sleep and sleep with your eyes closed.

3. Take deep breath

If you do not sleep, do one thing before sleeping. Wash your hands, legs and mouth with cold water before going to bed. Now wipe the water and go to bed and lie downright directly, spreading the body. Now close your eyes and breathe deeply. After 20-25 times you get a deep breath you will start to get sleepy. During this time remove all thoughts from your mind

4. Listen to light music

The best way to get sleep is to listen to music. If you do not sleep till late night, then remove your earphones and listen to classic music, such as light music (Instrumental music, not song) or sitar, veena. This will make you sleep very quickly. Keep in mind that the music does not keep your voice so sharp that music stops your attention.

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