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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Life in the Summer-Fitness Tips

It is just the right time to enjoy the spring feeling and to have a beer with the cool wind. Though the clothes are thin, it is not hot enough to wear summer clothes yet. But time is fast. I do not want to abandon the thrill of enjoying the spring weather, but I can not forget about summer coming soon. I think it is time to register a fitness center, but I will not be willing to spend my busy schedule. Everyone knows that regular and regular exercise is helpful for dieting, but if you can not take the time out of exercise, you have to take a small habit in your daily life and do diet and health care. Here are a few examples of fitness in your lifestyle that you can easily follow and exercise right from now on.

One of the best known methods of exercising in life is using stairs. The calories consumed by the stair climbing exercise is 300kcal ~ 400kcal per 30 minutes. You can see 2 to 3 times more exercise effect than power walking. At the same time, it helps increase muscle mass and increases metabolism. Reducing body weight, especially fat and thighs, helps reduce fat. Enough stretching is necessary before and after stair climbing. It is easy to forget the concept of exercise because it is done in daily life. It is better to climb the stairs after a simple stretch to make sure the exercise effect. When climbing a stairway, you can get a hip-up exercise effect at the same time if you climb two steps more than climb one step. It is good to climb when you exercise by using the stairs because you can come to your knees when you come down. When climbing the stairs, let's use the front of the sole by waving your arms. It is good to start exercising with proper intensity to feel individual.

In addition to simply climbing the stairs, there is a movement using stairs. The jump-up on step box produces aerobic exercise effect while exercising lower body exercise. Originally, it is a movement using a step box, but it can be done using stairs. It is good to wear ankle protector and put on shoes and exercise because it is a lot of stimulation on the sole. Stand in front of step box or stairs, balance and jump up step box or stairs. When you jump again and return to the starting position, one movement movement is completed. In order to increase aerobic exercise effect, it is better to focus on repetition of action rather than high jump. If you want the effect of lower body exercise, slowly be careful to jump high on the strength of the lower body.

Here you can see the staircase design in various buildings.

Workers sitting at the desk all day, or students studying, can be adversely affected by long sitting. It is said to be a sit-down disease and has a bad influence on bones and can also cause cancer such as colorectal cancer. It has been investigated that steady exercise reduces the probability of onset by up to 30%, but it should be avoided for long periods of time. It is good to stretch every once in a while because it is not good for health to sit for more than one hour continuously. It is important to go to the toilet and wash your face or take a moment to walk around the house and make a change in your behavior.

There are also exercises that can be done sitting on the seat. It is exercise which can do enough in dictionary and book of 5cm or more thickness. You can study or work with a book that is neither too light nor too heavy, sitting between your thighs. If you have too heavy a book, it is better to choose a book that is thick enough to give you the proper tension and to exercise for the time that suits you.

It is not good for you to sit sitting on your legs, twisting your legs or flexing your back. Just taking a break and stretching it in place will help to create a good posture. Sit on your chair and turn your head toward the front, turning your waist back and forth and twist it to your side. You can stretch your waist and repeatedly give strength to your belly and release it to prevent fat sting. Sitting on a chair, grab an armrest, and lightly lifting the knee with both knees helps to stimulate the abdomen.

Keep Moving in your Life

It is important to take time to exercise, but it is important to make a good body, exercise in the habit of life, as well as give a diet effect, gives a great boost to life. If you are overworked, start with frequent frequent movements. When you move a short distance, you can choose to walk rather than public transportation, and if you have a staircase and an escalator, you can start using the stairs. It is a small practice, but it will bring greater effect than expected.

When you go to the bathroom at home, at the office, at school, or when you move for a short period of time such as lunch time, you can exercise by moving your heel and moving one leg at right angles rather than just walking. It is a difficult move if there are people's gaze, but it is worth trying at home. At the same time, walking 1.5 times faster than usual will consume more calories, so it helps diet.

The most active of the housework will be cleaning. However, if you clean it with a vacuum cleaner, the amount of activity is significantly lowered. When cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, moving at a stride that is larger than the normal stride will increase the momentum. In addition, when the vacuum cleaner is pushed and moved, a lunge action becomes very effective. In addition to the cleaning time, if you have any visible garbage, it is a good idea to increase the amount of activity by taking the habit of getting rid of it.

When watching TV in the living room, they often sit on the sofa or lie on the floor. However, if you take advantage of the time you watch TV, you can turn it into exercise time. If you watch TV in a bent posture, it affects the blood circulation badly and your body swells well. Besides, when you sit still, you get fat on the side or abdomen. To avoid this effect, let's try side-by-side rather than sit back and watch TV. Sitting on the floor or chair, stretch your right arm over your head and hold your right arm and bend your left side until you feel your side pulling. It does the same in the opposite direction. If you repeat this operation, the time of watching TV becomes exercise time.

Also, keeping your arms back and slowly moving up with your pods held for 15 seconds will help to remove the flesh of your arms and underarms. When you lie down and watch TV, lie flat on your side and raise one leg, then lower it and repeat. When lowering your leg, you must lower it so that it does not touch the other leg and then lift it up again. Repeatedly following the movements will help you remove your legs.

Exercise in the park

If you are frustrated at exercising at home, let 's go to a nearby park. You may have seen the exercise equipment in the park at once, but if you do not know how to use it correctly or if you have not tried it because you are ashamed to exercise in an open place, learn how to use it. A machine called a pulley machine is a circular exercise machine that looks like a key that controls the ship. Holding the device as you hold the key, turning the device in both directions can move the shoulder and back muscles. Skywalker is a fitness device that allows you to walk on a bicycle while walking and holding a handle. If you want to exercise aerobics, you can start using this device without hesitation. You can stretch your waist and look at the front, grab the handle and roll your feet like you ride a bicycle. A twister that can move around on a round floor holding a handle and turning the waist is good for stretching after exercise. While holding the support, stand on the twister and fix the upper body and slowly move the lower body until the side is slightly pulled.

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