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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Measures to reduce the risk of cancer

Measures to reduce the risk of cancer

Cancer is dangerous disease. If you take care of certain things during your life, then the risk of cancer can be avoided. To reduce the risk of cancer, it is important to know about its remedies.

Cancer is the most dangerous disease. It is a disease spreading rapidly in body cells. It is possible to treat cancer early in the stage. If it reaches the second stage, its treatment is difficult. Cancer spreading to tissues of damaged cells can also be proven deadly.

Cancer information is the only defense of this disease. Through this article we are telling you some solutions to reduce the risk of cancer. Through these measures you can lead a life without illness even after aging.

Avoid Tobacco Use

Those who take tobacco are more prone to cancer. Smokers are suspected to have many types of cancer like lung cancer, bladder cancer, womb cancers and kidney cancer. If you consume gutkha, then cancer may occur in the mouth and in the digestive gland. If you do not smoke, but keep in touch with smokers, then there is a danger of cancer in your lungs. Therefore, tobacco consumption should be avoided. If you are unable to leave gutkha or cigarette, you can contact the doctor for this.

Eat nutritious food

Eat nutritious food in the food. If you go to buy groceries at the grocery store then decide things as you think. Buy things out there that meet the nutritional needs of your body. Add fruit and green vegetables to the food. Consumption of wheat and beans also reduces the risk of cancer. Eat foods that are low in fat. High fat content contains high calorie intake. Excessive calorie consumption can increase your weight. Obesity also keeps the risk of cancer.

Be physically active

Your weight is controlled while being physically active Losing weight also reduces the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, rectal cancer and kidney cancer. Try to exercise at least 150 minutes-that is, two and a half hours a week. If you want to stay healthy, add 30 minutes of daily exercise to your daily routine.

Protect against sun rays

Skin cancer is common cancer. The risk of UV radiation from the sun remains the risk of skin cancer. Avoid getting out of the morning from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. During this, the sun's rays have the most effect. Try out while standing on the shaded spot, as well as using sunglasses and hats. Wear loose clothing so that your skin can cover as much as possible. Do not wear dark-colored cloths in bright sunlight.

Reduce the intake of alcohol

High intake of alcohol also leads to cancer risk. If you want to avoid the possibility of cancer, reduce the intake of alcohol. If you take too much amounts of alcohol for a long time then you may have breast cancer, anal cancer, lung cancer and liver cancer.

Prevention from infections

Due to the misuse of some things, you are at risk of having an infection. There is a possibility of cancer being increased due to infections. Take a safe sex for example. Do not make physical contact with more people and use condoms while having sex. If you make physical connections to more people then you are at risk of becoming HIV positive. HIV-positive people have more complaints about anal cancer, vaginal cancer and throat cancer. Simultaneously do not use the once-used syringe.

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