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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Nails can tell you about your health

Nails can tell you about your health

The changing color and texture of nails can make a lot of statements about your health. Read this article to know what is the relationship between nails and health

If the nails are clean and healthy, then they will put four-moon in beauty. But let us tell you that nails are not limited to beauty, they also tell about your health. Through this article you will know what is the relation between nails and your health.

Usually, people forget to look after the nails. While nails are an important part of our beauty, they also realize our health. Hair and nails are only part of skin Nails are formed from nail matrix.

In our body the nail is under the skin behind the skin. On becoming a nail, it grows by moving from the bottom of the skin to the top. The end of the end of the nail finger is called "C margin of nail". From this part of the body we take the task of scalding. The place where this nail plate is attached to the skin of the finger, the skin has a very fine cover. This part is called the cuticles. Any changes in the nails should become alert towards health.

Recent research has revealed that seeing nails can also be found in your health. According to some research conducted around the world, this fact has been certified that the color of the nails changes in different diseases. Like white nails liver-related illnesses, such as hepatitis, report.

Yellow nails (which are thick in shape and grow slowly) are the introduction of pulmonological diseases. Half white and half pink nails indicate kidney-related diseases. If the color of the nails is yellow or their white is white, then this symptom is the symptom of blood loss (anemia) in the body. The yellowing of the nails also tells the symptoms of jaundice.

If you have seen the upper extremity of some nail or yellowing in the nails or when the nails look like a spoon, if the nails begin to appear, then you should immediately go to the doctor and seek advice. Not necessarily this is the only nail disease, but such signs indicate the possibility of illness in the body. It has been observed that nails are found in jaundice, anemia. Not only this, the nails also reveal some major diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease and thyroid deformity etc.

The changing colors of your nails make a lot of statements about your health. If we say that nails tell your health lately, then it will not be wrong. Know how nails get health sign.

Health sign

Weak nails:

Weak or delicate nails indicate the lack of calcium in the body. If they are dry or broken very quickly, then you may have thyroid problems.

Embossed nails:

You may have kidney related illness. They also show vitamin A and deficiency of proteins.

Yellowing in the nails:

You may have respiratory problems, chronic bronchitis. In this situation, nails become obese and their growth stops.

White nails of deep edge:

Such nails can be a sign of jaundice. There may be a complaint in the liver at this stage.

Some other signs for health

  • The nails become yellow due to lung related disease and grow gradually with thickness in size.
  • If your nails are white, then this is also the symptom of anemia.
  • When there is a lack of blood in the body and jaundice, their color becomes yellow.
  • White-colored nails report diseases related to liver such as hepatitis.
  • Half white and half pink nails indicate kidney-related diseases.

Keep such nails healthy

Eat a food containing vitamin B7. It is found in abundance in lentils and vegetables. This will remove the weakness of the nails.
Eat vitamin A, potassium, and phosphorus. It is found abundant in red meat, fish and milk products.
Eat raw vegetables in the form of legumes, eggs and salads. Nails are strong due to them being zinc.
Massage the nails from time to time and massage them with olive oil.

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