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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Parents can remove children's screen addiction in these ways

Parents can remove children's screen addiction in these ways

If your child watches television more than 2 hours a day, then this is not a good thing. Because the habit of watching a child's TV can harm both his mental and physical health and weight.

In today's time, the habit of viewing more TVs of children in homes is not taken seriously. And now the screen of computers and smart phones has also increased. But let us tell you that if your child watches more than 2 hours in a day, then this is not a good thing. Because the habit of watching a child's TV can harm both his mental and physical health. It would be better to change their habit. But do not put pressure on children only for this, you also have to change your habits. Let's learn how to remove children's screen eduction. -

First make yourself changes

Most of us parents stick to TV, mobile and computer etc. In such a way, how can the addiction of these things be stopped in the children? Skin addiction is becoming a major problem for both parents and children. In such a situation, parents should determine the timing of watching TV for children and themselves. Rather than watching TV at all times, put yourself and children in other better activities.

Food and TV not together

In most families, people are habituated to watch TV while sitting at night while eating. Doing so, they forget to understand the symbol of family solidarity. But this thinking is wrong. Eating dinner should be eaten together, but do not watch TV together. Instead talk to each other. In the case of children, it is often seen that the child becomes so busy in TV that the mother has to finish the task repeatedly. Keep in mind that when the child is eating, do not run the TV at all. You will create a similar environment, the child will become the same habit.

Tell children the loss of watching TV

Children are extremely innocent, you can make them like you want to make them like them in a raw age. If your child is doing something wrong, then there is some reason for your upbringing. Often parents blurt TV and cartoon and bounce their feet. But you should understand that if the child has learned something wrong with the TV cartoon, then it is because you were not with him at the time. If at that time you had talked to the program with the child, then they would not have learned the wrong way. Discuss anything that the child sees in the TV. Tell him that what he is watching in the cartoon is not true.

Change the habit of sticking to the TV

It is seen that many parents have been busy looking into the serial of Saas Bahu for the whole time by not allowing children to watch TV. When a child starts watching TV, it is advisable to read them and not to watch TV. In such a situation children do not feel like studying and they hide from the mother and watch TV. So, before learning to see the children do not watch TV, change yourself. Control the habit of sticking on your own TV. Let them watch 1-2 hours of TV and try to add this thing to fun time. Also keep in mind what the children are watching. If possible, sit with them and talk to them in the middle.

Your child most of the time sees you and learns from you. In a line, you are the role model of your child. Most of the time in your hand is remote to mobile phones or TVs. With this, your children are learning that gadgets are a good thing. Mummy is busy on the phone while cooking, while every hour comes from Papa's office, 2-4 calls. Your child wants to play with you and spend time, but you are on a phone or computer. Not only did you see them on the first rim mobile. Now think of yourself, that the child will feel that the gadget is a very important thing. So first create some rules for yourself with the first gadgets and do not only expect it from your child to implement it, but also do it yourself.

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