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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Remember these things before comparing to others

Remember these things before comparing to others

When we compare ourselves with others, they make their mind unsettled. To avoid this, we must take care of certain things.

One of the main reasons for our turbulent mind and despair is to compare ourselves with others. We often start comparing ourselves with other people. This thing is not right for our mental health. Consistent with such things, people have to face the situation till tension. They are always sad to think that they do not have what they have.

Frustration arises from comparisons

You may have heard some people say things like this, "I have not got justice in my life, I have been discriminated against.", "There are such people around me that everything is easy to get. There was no misery in his life. ","  He doesn't do any special work, however he gets additional praise from Maine. " Comparing this kind of thing, our whole attention is in what can not be done. We put our precious time, energy and emotions in it. Rather than doing something creative, we think and do such negative things. And then gradually the disappointment takes place in our mind.

Unfair comparison

Such comparisons are always unjust and unfair. Usually we compare our worst thing with the best thing that others have been thinking about. Very deep analysis is not necessarily considered for this comparison. We just compare upper upper things. As if its length is high, my length is low. Genetic factors are main for length. But in reality you find his parents better than his parents. But, you will only think of these things when you compare them in depth analysis. Do not forget about facts while comparing.

Waste of time and energy by comparison

When we start to compare our baseless comparisons with anybody, we forget that we are doing our own harm. Time is something that does not return or waits for someone. We do not care about how much time we are wasting during this time. Along with this, energy is also destroyed. If we apply this time and energy in our work for our betterment then our own development will be. We will be able to be better human beings, and then we will not be frustrated by comparing ourselves with anyone in this way.

Healthy compare

Comparing is not wrong, if it is a healthy comparison. We do not intend to defeat anybody, but we compare them to win over our shortcomings. But we reduce the positive comparison. We are not satisfied with what we have and want to get everything that others have. Position, reputation, property or anything else that we think we can find happiness. Our comparison of others creates jealousy and insecurity among us. If we compare ourselves with others, try to make better changes in ourselves, then it will be healthy comparison.

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