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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Ten Ways to Reduce Cholesterol Level

Ten Ways to Reduce Cholesterol Level

Cortisol is a stress hormone. When it is high in the body, we can have many problems. It also has an effect on the body's immune system. Therefore it is very important to reduce its level.

The body can do its own treatment

The body knows its own treatment. The ability to fight injuries, wounds, fight infections and fight with other problems are present in our body. Many knowledgeable people also say that our body can fight with dangerous diseases like cancer. This natural defense of the body is destroyed by the growth of hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine.

Treatment is not difficult

The good thing is that you can take these stress hormones easily to relaxation. And when this happens, the level of cortisol gets reduced and the body itself increases the ability to remove the disease. All these techniques are scientifically proven. By adopting them, you can motivate your body to treat its own diseases and stress.


Researchers at Howard have proven that your mind is calm and calm. Along with this, meditation focuses on deteriorating diseases like diabetes, obesity and cancer. Meditation comforts you in every way. If you are having trouble finding a quiet place, you can download the Self Healing Kit from the Internet.

Laughed and be happy

Laughing is a drug of millions of sorrows. A research has found that laughing and holding a stomach for ten minutes a day can help you get rid of pain for two hours. And when you start to lose the effect of laughter, you can resort to any comedy movie once.

Play with animals

Playing with animals makes our brain very relaxed. It causes oxytin, endorphins, and other healing hormones to become active in the brain. These hormones work self-healing for the body. Therefore playing with pets can be beneficial for you. So, when your cortisol increases and you feel stressed, spend time with your pet.

Be generous

It is said that when you are in trouble, only by your help does not work. Many times you should help others. It benefits you a lot. When you do something for others, you get great happiness. It is not said, 'Nissar is on someone's smiles', then the name of this is live. Hormones that relax the brain by giving something to someone or doing something for someone are secreting and this reduces cortisol levels.

Be creative

When you express yourself through creativity, it releases the harmons that give pleasure to endorphins and neurotransmitters in your body. It helps to reduce anxiety and depression. At the same time, these diseases increase the immunity, relieve physical pain, and also improve the parasympathetic nervous system. It keeps the heartbeat normal, blood pressure is low, and the breath also moves in the right way. And the most important thing is to lower the level of cortisol.

Yoga and tai chi

Yoga, Tai Chi and dance not only keep your body healthy, but also take care of mental health. They increase your healing hormone and also help reduce cortisol levels. Many scientific researches prove this. This increases your body's ability to self-fix itself.


Massage is considered to be the most effective way to overcome stress and other problems. The perfect massage not only provides relief to your muscles, but also helps to keep the nervous system correct. This allows your body to prepare itself better for diseases and other difficulties.

Great power in prayer

Those who participate in religious programs are more convinced than those who are far away from religion. But your interest and belief prevents you from attending a religious place, then you try the way of spirituality according to your own. Spirituality also gives you the faith and power to fight with difficulties along with love. Along with this, it also helps in troubleshooting. This makes your nervous system work better. And your body remains alert.

Do not stay alone

People living alone are more likely to have heart disease than those who are not alone. Knowledgeable also believe that loneliness is more dangerous than smoking for you. And if you have someone in your life then you get more benefit from exercise. If you smoke and your social life is also zero, then the damage to it increases manifold. By joining a group, it is easier to quit smoking, exercise and spend a healthy life.

Adopt strain to reduce stress

Ask yourself what you need to do to solve this problem. If there is a voice from within you that the job or relationship is the root cause of your problem then you should give full consideration to it. In truth, this is the real drug for your illness.

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