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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

These are ten evils for the brain

These are ten evils for the brain

There are also some diets which consume less brain activity, due to over consumption of these diets, there is an impact on the ability to think and understand, and even memory can go.

Be healthy brain

Whatever we eat, it also affects the brain, some diets activate our brain, but there are some foods which reduce the efficiency of the brain. These foods not only weaken the memory but may also be responsible for the diseases associated with the brain. Therefore, to keep the mind healthy, avoid eating these diets should be avoided.

Soft drink

Consumption of soft drinks is not right for your brain. The fructose found in it not only reduces the efficiency of the brain, but also can consume more than its intake. The ability to memorize due to high fructose found in soft drink ends slowly. So do not drink soft drinks to keep the brain healthy.

Avoid Sugar

Sugar and Sugar Diet is not good for the brain. Fructose is found in candy, cakes, desserts etc. By eating it, not only does the shape of the body worsen, but the brain also weakens. More sugar intake affects the ability to learn logical ability and learning new things. So avoid the sugar.

Salt is harmful

Consumption of salt is also harmful for the heart with the heart. Sodium is found in salt, which affects the intellectual capacity. By eating more salt, blood pressure increases, due to this there is restlessness. This affects the ability to think and understand. So avoid using excessive salt.


The more fried diet increases the weight as well as weakens your brain. If you eat more fried foods like Samosas, Kachoda etc. it is not good for your brain. These nourishes gradually destroy the nerve cells, and make the brain weak.

Trans fat

Trans Fat is responsible for many diseases. Due to this, problems like obesity, heart diseases, and cholesterol progression begin to occur. Apart from this, it causes wrinkle in the brain. Those who have trans fats may have Alzheimer's, which leads to a significant decrease in their memory and logical capacity.

Junk Food

Fastfood and junkfood are also bad for the brain with diseases. The structure of chemicals present in the brain changes with fastfood and junkfood. Apart from this, symptoms associated with anxiety and depression begin. This diet reduces the production of dopamine (it is a type of hormone that helps increase the concentration).

Processed protein no

Proteins are very important for the development of our body muscles. But avoiding eating processed protein such - hot dough, sausage and so on. Because the proteins contained in it are harmful for the nervous system (nervous system). Consumption of meat, salmon, lentils and almonds for the sake of normal protein is more beneficial.


Regular consumption of three cuff coffee is considered beneficial, but drinking coffee over it affects the brain. By caffeine absorbing the body very quickly, the brain activates the brain, but if more caffeine is consumed it can damage the brain. It reduces the logical capacity and also makes the yadasta weak.

Artificial sweetener

Artificial sweetener contains toxic substances that are not suitable for the brain. Due to these, cerebral complications begin to occur. Therefore use nutritious sweetener in their place.


More consumption of tofu is not good for the health of the brain. According to a study published in the journal Demetective and Geriatric Cognitive disorder in 2008, consumption of tofu may weaken the brain, especially after the age of 68, due to this, the empiricization may end. It increases the risk of dementia

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