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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Ways to reduce wrinkles

Ways to reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles are considered to be a lifespan, but the way life is running today, they are beginning to knock on the face. But, by following some measures, they can be kept away from their face. And your skin can be made, the youngest ...

Fruit and vegetables

To avoid wrinkles, the use of fresh fruits and vegetables is extremely important. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain vitamin A, E, B and C. Vitamin E and C are helpful in the development of cells. They provide natural oil to the skin. It keeps the skin bright and glowing.

Do not smoke

Smoke is harmful for both skin and health. Many studies have confirmed that the enzymes coming out of cigarette smoke, important components of the skin, break collagen. This causes wrinkles on the skin to thicken. So if you want to maintain your beauty and wellbeing, it is better that you do not blow up the rings of smoke.

Do not go out in the sun ...

Bright sunlight stole the moisture of your face. This causes wrinkles on the face. So whenever you want to get out in the sun then keep a cap or umbrella. Also, use the good sunblock cream before going out in the sun. Sunglasses can be used to protect the eyes from heavy sunlight.

Get enough sleep

Without taking enough sleep, additional cortisol is produced in the body. The cells of the skin begin to break through this hormone. As a result, wrinkles begin to appear. Therefore, experts consider enough sleep to be important for both health and beauty.

Use Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer to skin every day helps keep skin on long periods of time. By applying moisturizer, not only does the skin look damp and better, but it also makes the scrub line fine.

Do not wash excessively face

Tap water can damage the outer layer of the skin. If your soaps have the properties of the moisturizer then it is better, otherwise it is better not to wash the face repeatedly with tap water. It would be better to use its cleaner instead.


Fish contains abundant fatty acids, i.e. omega-3, which is an important source of skin nutrition. This fatty acid gives the skin the necessary nutrition, which makes the skin look young. Along with this, it also helps to reduce wrinkles.


Botox has become quite famous among the common people, not just celebrities nowadays. Many botoxes contain very few units of protein-based, which removes dead cells from our face and makes the skin shiny and juicy. This causes wrinkles to decrease.

Chemical Peeling

If there are more wrinkles on the face, then using chemicals, they can be removed. This verb is called Chemical Piling, which makes the face is made of both young and wrinkled by using various chemicals.

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